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Settling In



Some children will adjust to their new environment quickly and easily. For others the transition from home to nursery may take a little time. Initially, please be prepared to stay with your child, if necessary for the first few days – your presence will help your child to establish a relationship with his/her teacher in an atmosphere of security.

We will always be sensitive to the needs of children and parents, however the following are our recommendations:

– if your child feels under the weather on the first day of school, please feel free to let him/her rest until he/she recovers health and spirit, but keep us informed;

– during the early days, allow your child to bring his/her favourite toy to the school; – let your child choose his/her own activity and sit with him/her;

– the teacher will wait for an opportunity to join in at an appropriate moment; – after a while, when your child is getting along fine with the teacher, become involved in some activity other than your child’s to see whether he/she can cope without you;

– when you and the teacher agree that the time has come for you to depart, say goodbye to your child and leave with confidence;

– if you still feel anxious after you have left the building give us a call and have a word with the teacher who will be pleased to update you on how your child has been getting on since you departed;

– relax and be assured that your child’s teacher will be very responsive to your child’s needs and attend to him/her lovingly at all times.



Once the settling in process is happily over, continue to keep in touch with us. There will be two formal occasions each year for you to talk about your child’s development, but whenever you feel the need, just contact the teacher informally. We will always make time for you, however busy we are, because we greatly value exchange of views and information.

Consistency is an essential part of the settling in process and we therefore only accept children attending morning sessions on the basis that they attend five days a week. Missing out certain days causes uncertainty and confusion not only to the absent child, but also to the remaining children in the class. This is of course with the exception of absence on account of illness.


Our Philosophy

Each child is a person of worth deserving of our love and respect. Each child is unique with his/her own needs, interests, abilities and growth rate. Each child is a creative person who needs opportunities to experiment with a variety of materials and to develop social skills in an age appropriate setting.

A love for Learning

We instil love for learning and art. We do this in close partnership with parents by ensuring that your child is attending a warm and loving nursery. We also support parents with the foundations for discipline as these are laid down in the early years. We use different strategies as children develop greater independence, self regulation and responsibility. build character

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Our Approach

Education is a fun and challenging process. Our experienced and qualified staff use child-centred play based learning methods such as Montessori. Our approach

Encouraging students to speak English

We help students make better progress. Our teachers encourage them to converse more frequently with our native English speakers.

Learn English

Empowering Imagination

We monitor children's interests and developmental progress, which enables us to 'go with the child'. Children are thus empowered and their levels of confidence and imagination are insurmountable. imagination

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