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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
* Registration fees must be paid in full and the application must be submitted before the agreed joining date to secure your child’s place in the Nursery.
* Monthly fees are charged monthly in advance and are due to be paid between the 26th—30th of each month. An invoice will be sent to you each month including the payment amount and due date. Charges still apply when a child is absent from the nursery because of illness or holidays. We would ask that every effort is made to ensure that all payments are received on time.
* Nursery working hours are from 7:45 am to 4:00 pm. Pick up time is from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm. Additional charges are made for late payment of fees at a charge of 50 LE per day. The late collection of children is charged at 40 LE per hour and payable at the end of each working week.
* The children attending two or three days must attend only on the compulsory Registered days. The children attending Morning or Afternoon sessions must stick to drop off and pick up timings.
* Nursery Closed Days: The Nursery will close for all Government Private and Public Holidays. The Nursery will also close during Nursery Term Breaks (Christmas break, Spring break & Summer break). Parents will be notified in advance regarding which Term Break days the Nursery will be closed.
* The child will join Oxford House on a trial for the first two weeks. The Nursery reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration should the Nursery decide for any reason the child is not suited to the Nursery environment or the parents are not accepting the Nursery rules and regulations.
* We always encourage our children to be clean and presentable, yet we understand that children enjoy having fun and getting messy, as some of the activities your child will be involved in before pick up time will include gardening, sand, paint, glue and other potentially messy materials, your child might not be in the perfect status while leaving the Nursery.
If you prefer your child not to participate in such activities, please let us know.
* All assessments, reports and information regarding your child will be treated with the strictest of confidence by all members of staff.

Our Philosophy

Each child is a person of worth deserving of our love and respect. Each child is unique with his/her own needs, interests, abilities and growth rate. Each child is a creative person who needs opportunities to experiment with a variety of materials and to develop social skills in an age appropriate setting.

A love for Learning

We instil love for learning and art. We do this in close partnership with parents by ensuring that your child is attending a warm and loving nursery. We also support parents with the foundations for discipline as these are laid down in the early years. We use different strategies as children develop greater independence, self regulation and responsibility. build character

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Our Approach

Education is a fun and challenging process. Our experienced and qualified staff use child-centred play based learning methods such as Montessori. Our approach

Encouraging students to speak English

We help students make better progress. Our teachers encourage them to converse more frequently with our native English speakers.

Learn English

Empowering Imagination

We monitor children's interests and developmental progress, which enables us to 'go with the child'. Children are thus empowered and their levels of confidence and imagination are insurmountable. imagination

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