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The Curriculum

British Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 


The Oxford House British curriculum is designed to tap into children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. The school is based on the traditional British Curriculum with Montessori principles and offers full and part time places.

Small class sizes and experienced teachers ensure that every child is given individual care and attention.

Our experienced Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) team combine a careful blend of numeracy and literacy with a wide range of other subjects, as well as a varied selection of extra-curricular activities.

Our curriculum offers the core subjects of English and Maths, with science, humanities and creative arts being an important part of the programme. A typical week includes art, games, PE, cookery, ICT, library, science experiments and nature trails.

In Pre-School, little ones enjoy a safe, stimulating and fun environment where they are gently introduced to a routine for learning through play and child-led activities, helping them to grow in independence.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children learn to be able to separate from their parent and enjoy exploring the fun environment of Oxford House, choosing favourite activities and exploring new ones. We encourage our children to take pride and have confidence in being able to tackle new tasks and share and communicate with their peers and adults. The children learn good behaviour, as Oxford House provides clear boundaries that encourage sharing and caring, respect and love for one another. The children learn to be part of a group and work together. All our children are assigned access to a specific worker who builds a warm relationship with each child and is responsible for their Personal, Social and Emotional Development care.


Communication and Language Development

We encourage the children to sit and listen to stories and join in with simple rhymes and songs. They enjoy sharing their ideas and experiences with the larger group at circle time, enabling them to build their language and communication skills. The children learn to follow simple instructions through a variety of activities and are able to share their experiences with their friends and adults.


Physical Development

Our children learn to manage their own bodies through learning about healthy eating and using the toilet independently, confidently negotiating space and holding a pencil correctly. They spend a period of time outside in the garden, weather permitting and we also have an annual trip. A daily range of activities is available, cutting, pouring and threading; these enhance our children’s fine motor skills which are vital for their development.

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Literacy Development

We follow a recognised phonics scheme and every week the children learn a new alphabet sound. We use a combination of rhymes, songs, games and focused literacy activities. Our children learn to recognise the shape and sound of individual letters and begin to be able to form them. Every child is taken at his or her own pace and when ready will start on a reading scheme of The Oxford Reading Tree.

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Mathematical Development

Numbers and counting are part of our nursery environment. We have a ‘Number of the Week’ and other focused activities that ensure that our children understand number value and begin to represent them. The children are encouraged to complete puzzles, construct with a variety of blocks, sort, match and problem solve. Our children also enjoy engaging in active learning and hands on activities, measuring, recording and taking an interest in the shapes within their environment.


Understanding the World Development

The children learn the importance of caring for the environment. They see how the seasons change through work in the garden, planting seeds and investigating the weather. The children have the opportunity to use simple programmable toys and digital cameras so they can experience how technology works.

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Expressive Arts and Design Development

Our children are encouraged to explore their creativity. We have specialist dancing and singing teachers who attend the nursery weekly. The children then share their experiences with a dancing display and summer concert. Our children experiment with a range of imaginative resources and produce their own artistic creations, which we display with pride around the nursery. Imaginative role play is encouraged and developed, with access to props and costumes, so the children learn to express themselves in individual ways.

Our Philosophy

Each child is a person of worth deserving of our love and respect. Each child is unique with his/her own needs, interests, abilities and growth rate. Each child is a creative person who needs opportunities to experiment with a variety of materials and to develop social skills in an age appropriate setting.

A love for Learning

We instil love for learning and art. We do this in close partnership with parents by ensuring that your child is attending a warm and loving nursery. We also support parents with the foundations for discipline as these are laid down in the early years. We use different strategies as children develop greater independence, self regulation and responsibility. build character

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Our Approach

Education is a fun and challenging process. Our experienced and qualified staff use child-centred play based learning methods such as Montessori. Our approach

Encouraging students to speak English

We help students make better progress. Our teachers encourage them to converse more frequently with our native English speakers.

Learn English

Empowering Imagination

We monitor children's interests and developmental progress, which enables us to 'go with the child'. Children are thus empowered and their levels of confidence and imagination are insurmountable. imagination

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