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Weekly Overview Butterflies

English Maths Science Weekly Theme Key Vocabulary
Letter P  

Phonics Letter- P song

Number 16

Butterfly patterns matching

Pre-Math- Planting flowers counting

5 senses. Blindfold:  taste, smell, touch, sight and sound. Butterfly

Butterfly Colours Song

Fly, Fly, Fly Butterfly

Butterfly, Caterpillar, Fly, Sky, Insect, Wings

Spread, Sunshine, Flowers, beautiful, pretty, smell and hungry.

Finger activities Assembly Child led Manners
Educational story.


Eating manners including putting the correct amount of food on a fork or spoon. Tidy eating. Please and Thank you
Playdoh and manipulatives

Line up the shapes

Free play with friends including toys.
Eco-Gardening Role Play Games Learning Journal
Planting flowers for the butterflies


The doctors

All children will take a turn at being a doctor. (Parts of the body)

Gross Motor Skills- Stages of a butterfly- Caterpillar crawl -roll up in a blanket cocoon uncoil- emerge (Butterfly)

Butterfly patterns


Matching colours


Garden Butterfly hunt (microscopes)


I like… cut out items from magazines of things that they like such as: dogs, cats, flowers, family pictures, etc.


Arabic Letters & Numbers Music P.E Arts & Crafts
Butterfly colour song.


Fly, Fly butterfly

The children will attempt to float and balance on pictures of flowers like a butterfly. ·         Folding pattern for a butterfly

·         Make our own butterfly wings

·         Make a butterfly

·         Butterfly face painting

·         Making big flowers


حرف (ض) : ضابط-ضرس-ضفدع

رقم (15)


أنشودة الأرقام

Speaking & Listening Skills Best Books/ Circle time- Show & Tell Story time Learning review
The Hungry Caterpillar What did the child enjoy learning this week?


What happened in the story the Hungry Caterpillar? Hello Welcome song. Show and Tell

Book choice by a student.


Our Philosophy

Each child is a person of worth deserving of our love and respect. Each child is unique with his/her own needs, interests, abilities and growth rate. Each child is a creative person who needs opportunities to experiment with a variety of materials and to develop social skills in an age appropriate setting.

Oxford House Activity Centre

Students that participate in after-school programmes have better school attendance, higher grades and bigger aspirations. After-school activities start at 4pm-7pm. Call Us and find out more on:

A love for Learning

We instil love for learning and art. We do this in close partnership with parents by ensuring that your child is attending a warm and loving nursery. We also support parents with the foundations for discipline as these are laid down in the early years. We use different strategies as children develop greater independence, self regulation and responsibility. build character

Building Characters

After-school activities can provide enrichment, adventure and variety. They can enhance knowledge and build character. build character

Our Approach

Education is a fun and challenging process. Our experienced and qualified staff use child-centred learning methods such as Montessori. Our approach

Encouraging students to speak English

We help students make better progress. Our teachers encourage them to converse more frequently with our native English speakers. They can also take part in activities that require them to speak or read English. Ask about our English Drama club.

Learn English

Empowering Imagination

We monitor children's interests and developmental progress, which enables us to 'go with the child'. Children are thus empowered and their levels of confidence and imagination are insurmountable. imagination

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