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Behavioral and emotional development

Child always interrupts and makes noise when I’m talking on the phone?

It can be difficult to maintain a conversation on the phone when a child is interrupting and making noise. Here are a few strategies you could try:

Set boundaries and expectations: Explain to your child that when you are on the phone, they should not interrupt or make noise unless it is an emergency.

Give them an activity: Provide your child with a quiet activity to do while you are on the phone, such as drawing or reading a book.

Use a headset: Consider using a headset so that you can move around the house while on the phone, which may make it less likely for your child to interrupt.

Schedule calls at a convenient time: Try to schedule phone calls when your child is likely to be occupied with other activities or when they are taking a nap.

It’s also important to understand that children are still learning how to behave in different situations, and it might take time and practice for them to understand the importance of not interrupting when you are on the phone.