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Every time I get my son a tutor, he doesn’t listen to them?

Every time I get my son a tutor he doesnt listen to them
Every time I get my son a tutor he doesnt listen to them

It may be helpful to understand the reason why your son is not listening to the tutors. Some possible reasons could be lack of engagement with the material, lack of interest in the subject, difficulty with the tutor’s teaching style, or distractions during the session.

To address this issue, you could try the following steps:

Communication: Talk to your son and find out why he is not paying attention to the tutor.

Engagement: Encourage your son to actively participate in the lessons by setting achievable goals and rewarding progress.

Matching: Try to find a tutor who matches your son’s learning style and personality.

Environment: Ensure a suitable learning environment, free from distractions.

Parental involvement: Consider being present during the tutoring sessions to help keep your son on track.

Ultimately, working with your son and his tutor to find a solution will be key to improving his engagement and success with tutoring.