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Behavioral and emotional development

How to handle the toddler terrible twos?

Handling the “terrible twos” can be challenging, but there are a few strategies that may be helpful:

Set clear boundaries and rules: Let your child know what behaviors are expected of them and the consequences for not following them.

Use positive reinforcement: Reward your child for good behavior and acknowledge when they are following the rules.

Stay calm and consistent: It’s important to respond consistently to your child’s behavior, and to remain calm, even when they are acting out.

Give them choices: Give your child options to choose from, such as what to wear or what to eat. This can help them feel more in control.

Be patient: Remember that the “terrible twos” are a normal phase of development and it will pass.

Seek help if needed: If your child’s behavior seems extreme or unmanageable, consider seeking help from a pediatrician or a child psychologist.